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Park this!!

Posted by maycph on November 15, 2006

Finding a parking space where I live after 18 in the evening is absolutely impossible.

I have had the car the last few days and spent atleast 20-30 min. every evening circulating the area to find just a realistic spot to park.

There where  many potential parking spaces, but the danish parking-rules are insane.

And the last thing I need is a parking ticket.

They hand them out like flyers, easy as that. They wait untill you are safely sleeping in your bed under the warm blanket.

In the mean time they are preparing a lovely surprise for you to bash your entire day….right there…you see it when you walk towards the car.. Oh God..Oh no…shit shit..and yep. BANG! They caught you- you evil car owner. How dare you park on this deserted spot that has no other function than being…space.

I managed somehow to park between two cars, in a spot that was the exact length of the car. I think I had 2 cm on each side to maneuvre on. I was proud of my parallel parking. There should be the opposite of parking tickets, like a parking prize! I would have won the other day for sure…

But I guess finding a spot is in itself a prize. I should just say “thank you” and shut up.

So I will.


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Sushi with fantastic fusion!!

Posted by maycph on November 11, 2006

Had sushi for lunch today and was surprised to see that the place I usualy eat Sushi at, had made an entirely new menu.

At first I was sceptical cause the prices looked a biiiiiiit more expensive that what I was paying usualy.

Anyhow, since my mom was with me, we decided to order the dish called “adam”. A bigger version of the menu called…(drums..) ..Eva.

WOW! It was amazing.

Not the regular boring sushi stereotypes. This dish had it all. Especially one futomaki that was ubeleivable. There was a deepfried shrimp in it and mom was going mad over it, she had to order an entire roll of that futomaki version.

Every single bite was fantastic. Yum! And it was not that expensive at all. It could get to be a habit…

If you are in Copenhagen, go try it! Its called Sticks and Sushi.

And the fantastic futomaki that we had is called Ebi tempura big. 🙂 Yum! 

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“Now it’s trendy to say you have Jewish roots.”

Posted by maycph on November 10, 2006

In Spain that is!!

Read the cool article in NY times right here.

And now a joke for the Hebrew speakers only:

Q: What do you call a Jew immigrating to Spain? A: OLÈ! HADASH!


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Darfur- genocide before our very eyes.

Posted by maycph on November 10, 2006

The world is looking away. Mass murder, rapes and destruction of homes and villages.

The media coverage is a joke. In the end we can all sit back and say we didn´t do anything  because “we didn´t know”.

If we can do something it is atleast to acknowledge the fact that there is a genocide going on, and to do what we can to save darfur.

The US governmernt needs to take action now. 400.000 people killed over 3 years. The mass rapes of women and killing of children…



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Guiness world of records attempts!

Posted by maycph on November 9, 2006

Today was Guiness world of records day and around the world there were different attemps going on!

Some examples:

The Italians: Longest Line of Pizzas

The French: Most People Kissing Simultaneously  

and the Irish : Largest Pub Quiz!

So that says something about the different cultures of course! And if so, then I would say the Australians, Spanish and New Zealanders have the most humour!!

Theyre attemps where among others: Most Underpants pulled on in 60 seconds, Most Socks Worn on One Foot & Most t-shirts worn at once and also Largest Speed Dating Event!!

Here is a funny video from the “Most t-shirt worn at once” attempt!

To see more attemps go here

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She´s feisty!

Posted by maycph on November 9, 2006

I got the crazy idea to make a seperate blog for the cat. Why not you know! So anyhow- here is a trailer and keep an eye out for the life of a cat!

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My computer is dying..

Posted by maycph on November 9, 2006

I don´t know what happened. It was working fine the last 15 years , but suddenly last week my programs would start to “unexpectedly quit” .

Now it´s quitting like you would expect and I don´t like it. When I´m online I am practically holding my breath and typing gently on the keyboard to prevent this old piece of crap from crashing.

It´s not helping.

SO! Perhaps this post that I am writing now, will be the last post that I will be writing, from this leftover from the last century?

Perhaps. All I know that I hear a Shakespearean Insult coming!! And here it is:

“Drop into the rotten mouth of death”!  (Taken from Richard III)

Atleast the timing could not be better for this old moth to perish. Hanukkah is up next so hopefully i can wish for a new computer or something. That´s all  I want. A computer that works. And I also want an Ipod. And a dishwasher machine. And…a new digital camera because I dropped my beautiful expensive camera on the floor and the zoom doesn´t work so well anymore.

Greedy greedy! ! 🙂

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Ideas that made it to the top this year!

Posted by maycph on November 8, 2006

Check it out right HERE!


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From grey to black in an instant!

Posted by maycph on November 8, 2006

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on my window and to the charachteristic grey light that comes with the rain. And I knew at that point that the summer is definitely over and from now on, untill…may or so, the weather will be crap.

I miss Israel. The sun, the sound of flip flops, the noise of the garbage van in the mornings… The nasty tasting Nescafé elite that is anything other than gourmet..

Funny thing about the Elite coffee : nescafe elite As much as italians would curse the madonna out of her holyness because of its nasty taste, the nescafé elite is something that most Israelis have in theyre kitchen. And it´s not because you can´t buy realy great coffee , it´s just that the nescafé elite is like coming home to mama. Well. Your jewish mother atleast.

You go to your friends house, they ask if you want a “café ness” and then you know that all is good from there on. It sets a certain mood – in hebrew we call it “sababa”- a sort of casual cozyness.

I miss the sababa. We have something like it here in Denmark, we just call it “hygge”. But it´s not the same…cause mostly it´s planned. You have to plan ahead to get cozy together. And that is also perfectly alright, the only downside is that you know exactly what you are getting because you planned it…

In Israel it´s hard to plan anything. Don´t even try. It´s bound to fail. In fact, they are doing you, a favour by showing up! heheheh!  We could learn something huh! There is no “law of Jante” there. If you haven´t heard of this unwritten law that rules the danish society, then you can either google it, or click here.

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When timing means everything!

Posted by maycph on November 6, 2006

About a month ago I went for a walk in Copenhagen as the weather was still nice and I wanted to enjoy the remaining rays of sunlight.

I decided to bring my camera just to avoid the usual ” wish I had my camera now”..

When I arrived to the Kngs. Nytorv across from Nyhavn it was realy beautifull and tranquille and i took some nice shots:

kgs nytorv

kgs nytorv 

the royal theatre

So far, so good! I wanted to take a closer shot of the royal theater so i crossed the street. Then look what happened:

Royal family full speed ahead

The royal family full speed ahead!! Luckily for me I had my camera on!

its fred and mary!

And yes! Its…Fred and Mary! Only thing parting me from them was the bikelane!

royal family!

I felt like a paparazzi!

there we have them!

 And ofcourse prince Joachim was also there in another car:)and ofcourse prince Joachim

A perfect ending to my Kgs. Nytorv photoshoot session 😉

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