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Eurovision plus one!

Posted by maycph on February 11, 2007

 I know I havent written in a while but had a bit of a full schedule! Anyhow- started a new job and its going pretty well! Was googling to find out who (or what) Israel is sending to the EUROVISION song contest 2007 in Finland. So I found the song- by israel band Tippex or Teapacks or how ever they are called- and its actually not so bad! It´s very israeli – cool thing- and it has a nice beat to it. The eurovision is usually pretty lame- but always makes me laugh. So its cool entertainment and a no brainer. Denmark is sending a Drag Queen with the song ” drama queen” so that´s pretty funky too. Anyhow- here is the Israeli song – listen to it- and write what you think if you feel like it!


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December sucks

Posted by maycph on December 18, 2006

December is turning out to be absolutely fantastic!

Not because of Christmas, Hanukkah, or anything like that.

But they are showing reruns of Sex and the City! Not 1, not 2…but 4 episodes every night!!!!!!!!

I finally got the chance to watch all the episode including the ones i missed out on!

I guess this says something about my life huh! Pretty depressing. Am I only truly alive between 2200 and 2400?!!

Its dark outside and cold and I just dont function properly in the winter time. Biologically I am doomed to fail in this cold country.

As much as I have tried to avoid the sunbeds I am seriously considering getting grilled tomorrow. Since February I had secretly planned to go to Eilat for a week this month, but the travel agency that usualy fly to Eilat has retired that connection. SO if I want to go to Eilat it will only be via Tel Aviv- and there are not direct flights from Copenhagen either- so 2 connections just to get to Eilat for one week would be a waste of time. Perhaps if it was for a 2 week stay.

So going to the sunbed just seems like a much cheaper alternative!!

Besides new years eve is around the corner and I wanna enter 2007 with a tan 🙂

Oh last night i was so bored i did a mensa test- not one that qualifies, but It did make me realize I should not put my hopes up!! Try the mensa workout!

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I´ll take ´em all!!

Posted by maycph on December 5, 2006

Found a great list of gift ideas from Core77! No hidden agenda! 🙂

Check it out HERE

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My voice is BACK!

Posted by maycph on December 5, 2006

Not that it´s gonna help me in the blog, but nevertheless it´s nice to be able to talk again. 🙂

People have been scoring in the lottery here the last two weeks. So yesterday i bought a scratch card and “played to win” haha. Ofcourse I didn´t win anything and i felt like a schmock. But what if! you know! That “what if” is a killer! What if the world was a huge trampoline? What if there was no chocolate in the world? (God forbid). What if this, what if that. What if you just gave me the goddamn money, mr. evil lottery!!!

It´s so fun when you buy a lotteryticket or scratch card.. From the minute I buy it I am telling myself to just not think about the ticket. I have to completely forget the ticket and then 1 month later I will accidentaly find it and think ” oh, i completely forgot I had bought this lotteryticket” and then I will check the numbers on the internet, and finally the nation will be able to breathe again because they finally found the grand prize winner = ME!

AS if!

THat should be the new slogan for the lottery. Instead of What if!

The difference is huge.

What if you win the lottery ?! (what they realy say is) AS if you win the lottery!

What if you will get insanely rich?! (What they realy say is) AS if you will get insanely rich!

Sigh. The problem is that most of us like to dream about how we find out that we actually won the big money prize, and how we are going to tell the family, how we are gonna buy everybody a nice big house, plus give money to charity, plus getting the pleasure of changing to another bank where they welcome you with open arms (ofcourse). “what if” is a curse and a blessing all in one. The world without “what ifs” would be pretty depressing. There would be no taking chances, and therefore no fantastic success stories..

What if there where no What if´s!

tricky lol!

Anyhow, i think I need some coffee pronto! Ps- isn´t kitty cute- she was sleeping in the suitcase yesterday! Awww!

kitty  All packed and ready to go! hahah

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I lost my voice!!

Posted by maycph on November 25, 2006

Went out for a party last night and had a bit too many drinks and a bit too many cigarettes.

At the end of the evening the voice was GONE!

Came home and had some tea before I went to bed..

It sucks.  I have to shut up all weekend!

On the other hand it´s actually not so bad. In fact I think everyone should take a day off where they don´t talk. And just listen..

So later I will go out for a nice walk to get some fresh air into my cigarette infected lungs (phew!!)

Funny thing was happening when I came back home. When I was younger (lol) I would not even have bothered doing the whole routine of getting off the makeup, it would just be straight to bed and the pillow would do the job.

Last night I found myself scrubbing away and putting on 3 different nightcreams and eyecream… WHAT the hell was that about?!  Ama´gettin´olda´?!

Admit waking up with a clean face was much more motivating than the usual – just-spent- a- night- in- prison- look!

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It´s been a boring week..

Posted by maycph on November 23, 2006

I am trying to think about what to write and I am just blank!

I just yawned…

It´s raining outside and I was just in the supermarket- our local NETTO to get some groceries.

I bought 3 items. Salmon steaks, one orange and some milk.

Will make salmon with orange and lemon peel and some salad. It was raining too hard, wanted to go to the specialty store to buy some good olives. Nothing like the real big juicy olives.

Ok I have been looking at the screen for 5 min now. I´m blank. So Im going now.


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Norman Foster to build Tivoli Tower!

Posted by maycph on November 17, 2006

norman foster

The latest from this funky city is that Norman Fosters tower is to be built next to the city hall- in Tivoli!

But it´s not for sure just yet. Many oppose the fact that towers should even be built at all in Copenhagen. They say that it will ruin the city´s “feel” and that the new tower will cast a shadow on the city hall and surrounding buildings..

Others think it is a great idea as Copenhagen will begin to mark itself as being a city that is modern, urban and exploring.

I have only seen this foto of the proposed structure and it looks fine..besides Copenhagen needs more architectural structures. As a Copenhagener- I am dying for something new to look at. So bring it on!!

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Park this!!

Posted by maycph on November 15, 2006

Finding a parking space where I live after 18 in the evening is absolutely impossible.

I have had the car the last few days and spent atleast 20-30 min. every evening circulating the area to find just a realistic spot to park.

There where  many potential parking spaces, but the danish parking-rules are insane.

And the last thing I need is a parking ticket.

They hand them out like flyers, easy as that. They wait untill you are safely sleeping in your bed under the warm blanket.

In the mean time they are preparing a lovely surprise for you to bash your entire day….right there…you see it when you walk towards the car.. Oh God..Oh no…shit shit..and yep. BANG! They caught you- you evil car owner. How dare you park on this deserted spot that has no other function than being…space.

I managed somehow to park between two cars, in a spot that was the exact length of the car. I think I had 2 cm on each side to maneuvre on. I was proud of my parallel parking. There should be the opposite of parking tickets, like a parking prize! I would have won the other day for sure…

But I guess finding a spot is in itself a prize. I should just say “thank you” and shut up.

So I will.

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Sushi with fantastic fusion!!

Posted by maycph on November 11, 2006

Had sushi for lunch today and was surprised to see that the place I usualy eat Sushi at, had made an entirely new menu.

At first I was sceptical cause the prices looked a biiiiiiit more expensive that what I was paying usualy.

Anyhow, since my mom was with me, we decided to order the dish called “adam”. A bigger version of the menu called…(drums..) ..Eva.

WOW! It was amazing.

Not the regular boring sushi stereotypes. This dish had it all. Especially one futomaki that was ubeleivable. There was a deepfried shrimp in it and mom was going mad over it, she had to order an entire roll of that futomaki version.

Every single bite was fantastic. Yum! And it was not that expensive at all. It could get to be a habit…

If you are in Copenhagen, go try it! Its called Sticks and Sushi.

And the fantastic futomaki that we had is called Ebi tempura big. 🙂 Yum! 

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Darfur- genocide before our very eyes.

Posted by maycph on November 10, 2006

The world is looking away. Mass murder, rapes and destruction of homes and villages.

The media coverage is a joke. In the end we can all sit back and say we didn´t do anything  because “we didn´t know”.

If we can do something it is atleast to acknowledge the fact that there is a genocide going on, and to do what we can to save darfur.

The US governmernt needs to take action now. 400.000 people killed over 3 years. The mass rapes of women and killing of children…



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