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From grey to black in an instant!

Posted by maycph on November 8, 2006

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on my window and to the charachteristic grey light that comes with the rain. And I knew at that point that the summer is definitely over and from now on, untill…may or so, the weather will be crap.

I miss Israel. The sun, the sound of flip flops, the noise of the garbage van in the mornings… The nasty tasting Nescafé elite that is anything other than gourmet..

Funny thing about the Elite coffee : nescafe elite As much as italians would curse the madonna out of her holyness because of its nasty taste, the nescafé elite is something that most Israelis have in theyre kitchen. And it´s not because you can´t buy realy great coffee , it´s just that the nescafé elite is like coming home to mama. Well. Your jewish mother atleast.

You go to your friends house, they ask if you want a “café ness” and then you know that all is good from there on. It sets a certain mood – in hebrew we call it “sababa”- a sort of casual cozyness.

I miss the sababa. We have something like it here in Denmark, we just call it “hygge”. But it´s not the same…cause mostly it´s planned. You have to plan ahead to get cozy together. And that is also perfectly alright, the only downside is that you know exactly what you are getting because you planned it…

In Israel it´s hard to plan anything. Don´t even try. It´s bound to fail. In fact, they are doing you, a favour by showing up! heheheh!  We could learn something huh! There is no “law of Jante” there. If you haven´t heard of this unwritten law that rules the danish society, then you can either google it, or click here.


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