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When timing means everything!

Posted by maycph on November 6, 2006

About a month ago I went for a walk in Copenhagen as the weather was still nice and I wanted to enjoy the remaining rays of sunlight.

I decided to bring my camera just to avoid the usual ” wish I had my camera now”..

When I arrived to the Kngs. Nytorv across from Nyhavn it was realy beautifull and tranquille and i took some nice shots:

kgs nytorv

kgs nytorv 

the royal theatre

So far, so good! I wanted to take a closer shot of the royal theater so i crossed the street. Then look what happened:

Royal family full speed ahead

The royal family full speed ahead!! Luckily for me I had my camera on!

its fred and mary!

And yes! Its…Fred and Mary! Only thing parting me from them was the bikelane!

royal family!

I felt like a paparazzi!

there we have them!

 And ofcourse prince Joachim was also there in another car:)and ofcourse prince Joachim

A perfect ending to my Kgs. Nytorv photoshoot session 😉


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