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Park this!!

Posted by maycph on November 15, 2006

Finding a parking space where I live after 18 in the evening is absolutely impossible.

I have had the car the last few days and spent atleast 20-30 min. every evening circulating the area to find just a realistic spot to park.

There where  many potential parking spaces, but the danish parking-rules are insane.

And the last thing I need is a parking ticket.

They hand them out like flyers, easy as that. They wait untill you are safely sleeping in your bed under the warm blanket.

In the mean time they are preparing a lovely surprise for you to bash your entire day….right there…you see it when you walk towards the car.. Oh God..Oh no…shit shit..and yep. BANG! They caught you- you evil car owner. How dare you park on this deserted spot that has no other function than being…space.

I managed somehow to park between two cars, in a spot that was the exact length of the car. I think I had 2 cm on each side to maneuvre on. I was proud of my parallel parking. There should be the opposite of parking tickets, like a parking prize! I would have won the other day for sure…

But I guess finding a spot is in itself a prize. I should just say “thank you” and shut up.

So I will.


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