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My computer is dying..

Posted by maycph on November 9, 2006

I don´t know what happened. It was working fine the last 15 years , but suddenly last week my programs would start to “unexpectedly quit” .

Now it´s quitting like you would expect and I don´t like it. When I´m online I am practically holding my breath and typing gently on the keyboard to prevent this old piece of crap from crashing.

It´s not helping.

SO! Perhaps this post that I am writing now, will be the last post that I will be writing, from this leftover from the last century?

Perhaps. All I know that I hear a Shakespearean Insult coming!! And here it is:

“Drop into the rotten mouth of death”!  (Taken from Richard III)

Atleast the timing could not be better for this old moth to perish. Hanukkah is up next so hopefully i can wish for a new computer or something. That´s all  I want. A computer that works. And I also want an Ipod. And a dishwasher machine. And…a new digital camera because I dropped my beautiful expensive camera on the floor and the zoom doesn´t work so well anymore.

Greedy greedy! ! 🙂


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