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Sushi with fantastic fusion!!

Posted by maycph on November 11, 2006

Had sushi for lunch today and was surprised to see that the place I usualy eat Sushi at, had made an entirely new menu.

At first I was sceptical cause the prices looked a biiiiiiit more expensive that what I was paying usualy.

Anyhow, since my mom was with me, we decided to order the dish called “adam”. A bigger version of the menu called…(drums..) ..Eva.

WOW! It was amazing.

Not the regular boring sushi stereotypes. This dish had it all. Especially one futomaki that was ubeleivable. There was a deepfried shrimp in it and mom was going mad over it, she had to order an entire roll of that futomaki version.

Every single bite was fantastic. Yum! And it was not that expensive at all. It could get to be a habit…

If you are in Copenhagen, go try it! Its called Sticks and Sushi.

And the fantastic futomaki that we had is called Ebi tempura big. 🙂 Yum! 


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