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Oh Fabio..

Posted by maycph on December 1, 2006

Mamma mia  

Italian Fabio Cannavaro, footballer of the year, is molto bello!


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I lost my voice!!

Posted by maycph on November 25, 2006

Went out for a party last night and had a bit too many drinks and a bit too many cigarettes.

At the end of the evening the voice was GONE!

Came home and had some tea before I went to bed..

It sucks.  I have to shut up all weekend!

On the other hand it´s actually not so bad. In fact I think everyone should take a day off where they don´t talk. And just listen..

So later I will go out for a nice walk to get some fresh air into my cigarette infected lungs (phew!!)

Funny thing was happening when I came back home. When I was younger (lol) I would not even have bothered doing the whole routine of getting off the makeup, it would just be straight to bed and the pillow would do the job.

Last night I found myself scrubbing away and putting on 3 different nightcreams and eyecream… WHAT the hell was that about?!  Ama´gettin´olda´?!

Admit waking up with a clean face was much more motivating than the usual – just-spent- a- night- in- prison- look!

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