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Eurovision plus one!

Posted by maycph on February 11, 2007

 I know I havent written in a while but had a bit of a full schedule! Anyhow- started a new job and its going pretty well! Was googling to find out who (or what) Israel is sending to the EUROVISION song contest 2007 in Finland. So I found the song- by israel band Tippex or Teapacks or how ever they are called- and its actually not so bad! It´s very israeli – cool thing- and it has a nice beat to it. The eurovision is usually pretty lame- but always makes me laugh. So its cool entertainment and a no brainer. Denmark is sending a Drag Queen with the song ” drama queen” so that´s pretty funky too. Anyhow- here is the Israeli song – listen to it- and write what you think if you feel like it!


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