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December sucks

Posted by maycph on December 18, 2006

December is turning out to be absolutely fantastic!

Not because of Christmas, Hanukkah, or anything like that.

But they are showing reruns of Sex and the City! Not 1, not 2…but 4 episodes every night!!!!!!!!

I finally got the chance to watch all the episode including the ones i missed out on!

I guess this says something about my life huh! Pretty depressing. Am I only truly alive between 2200 and 2400?!!

Its dark outside and cold and I just dont function properly in the winter time. Biologically I am doomed to fail in this cold country.

As much as I have tried to avoid the sunbeds I am seriously considering getting grilled tomorrow. Since February I had secretly planned to go to Eilat for a week this month, but the travel agency that usualy fly to Eilat has retired that connection. SO if I want to go to Eilat it will only be via Tel Aviv- and there are not direct flights from Copenhagen either- so 2 connections just to get to Eilat for one week would be a waste of time. Perhaps if it was for a 2 week stay.

So going to the sunbed just seems like a much cheaper alternative!!

Besides new years eve is around the corner and I wanna enter 2007 with a tan 🙂

Oh last night i was so bored i did a mensa test- not one that qualifies, but It did make me realize I should not put my hopes up!! Try the mensa workout!


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