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….and then some!

My voice is BACK!

Posted by maycph on December 5, 2006

Not that it´s gonna help me in the blog, but nevertheless it´s nice to be able to talk again. 🙂

People have been scoring in the lottery here the last two weeks. So yesterday i bought a scratch card and “played to win” haha. Ofcourse I didn´t win anything and i felt like a schmock. But what if! you know! That “what if” is a killer! What if the world was a huge trampoline? What if there was no chocolate in the world? (God forbid). What if this, what if that. What if you just gave me the goddamn money, mr. evil lottery!!!

It´s so fun when you buy a lotteryticket or scratch card.. From the minute I buy it I am telling myself to just not think about the ticket. I have to completely forget the ticket and then 1 month later I will accidentaly find it and think ” oh, i completely forgot I had bought this lotteryticket” and then I will check the numbers on the internet, and finally the nation will be able to breathe again because they finally found the grand prize winner = ME!

AS if!

THat should be the new slogan for the lottery. Instead of What if!

The difference is huge.

What if you win the lottery ?! (what they realy say is) AS if you win the lottery!

What if you will get insanely rich?! (What they realy say is) AS if you will get insanely rich!

Sigh. The problem is that most of us like to dream about how we find out that we actually won the big money prize, and how we are going to tell the family, how we are gonna buy everybody a nice big house, plus give money to charity, plus getting the pleasure of changing to another bank where they welcome you with open arms (ofcourse). “what if” is a curse and a blessing all in one. The world without “what ifs” would be pretty depressing. There would be no taking chances, and therefore no fantastic success stories..

What if there where no What if´s!

tricky lol!

Anyhow, i think I need some coffee pronto! Ps- isn´t kitty cute- she was sleeping in the suitcase yesterday! Awww!

kitty  All packed and ready to go! hahah


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