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Norman Foster to build Tivoli Tower!

Posted by maycph on November 17, 2006

norman foster

The latest from this funky city is that Norman Fosters tower is to be built next to the city hall- in Tivoli!

But it´s not for sure just yet. Many oppose the fact that towers should even be built at all in Copenhagen. They say that it will ruin the city´s “feel” and that the new tower will cast a shadow on the city hall and surrounding buildings..

Others think it is a great idea as Copenhagen will begin to mark itself as being a city that is modern, urban and exploring.

I have only seen this foto of the proposed structure and it looks fine..besides Copenhagen needs more architectural structures. As a Copenhagener- I am dying for something new to look at. So bring it on!!


3 Responses to “Norman Foster to build Tivoli Tower!”

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