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Jagshemash! Borat movie I like!

Posted by maycph on November 6, 2006

I went to see the Borat movie the other day! It´s been a while since i have laughed so much in a movie theater.

I knew Borat was anti-semitic but I didn´t know how much untill I saw his movie. The funny thing is that Borat was speaking in hebrew whenever he was talking to his fellow Kazakh colleague! It was actually quite reassuring that he was speaking in the hebrew holy tounge, cause his anti-jewish sketches were really far out- and well I am just happy that jewish people have lots of humor!

 And oh- if you haven´t seen the movie yet, keep your eyes open for his fantastic 80´s swimsuit- you only get a glimpse of it and its priceless! Here is a picture : borat thong swimsuit! Borats swimsuit is hot!…………NOT!!!

ha ha ha!! That should be illegal!

Now, the last thing i heard, is that Sacha Baron Cohens other charachter, Bruno- the austrian gay fashion guy, will also become a movie. Bruno is another really funny charachter and Sascha plays him really well. Hope the Austrians have a bit more humor than the Kazakhs!!

Here is a pic of Bruno:

Bruno- fashion polizei Funkzeit mit Bruno!

“Ahahahaha , Then what did you say?”

It´s so refreshing with the unpolitically correct humour. Realy its like a breath of minty fresh crispy air 🙂


3 Responses to “Jagshemash! Borat movie I like!”

  1. Oliver said

    Sacha is a Jew…..there’s your irony

  2. Bruno taunts terrorists, homophobes and religious zealots in this movie in such a clever way that they do not even realise they are being mocked!

  3. I’m waiting for you in my paradise. Every part of you will be caressed and spoiled with the most passionate touches. You will not regret the moments with me. We are in Bucharest.

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